Payment Terms, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

1. Definitions of parties involved in transaction

1.1    “CCC” shall mean Peter Duffy trading as Canberra Coach Company or any person acting on behalf of and with the authority of Peter Duffy trading as Canberra Coach Company

1.2    “Client” shall mean the client (or any guest, passenger, associate or person acting on behalf of and with the authority of the client) as described on any quotation, booking, inquiry or other form as provided by CCC to the Client.

1.3  “BYO” shall mean ‘bring your own’ and is in reference to any beverage alcoholic or otherwise.

1.4  “Third-party” shall mean any other business, venue, individual, company, premises or other party utilised, visited, combined with or otherwise interacted with by the Client in conjunction with any journey, activity or booking on any CCC vehicle, tour or journey.

2. Bookings, Payment and Bond

2.1  All bookings require payment to CCC of a deposit or full payment before booking can be confirmed.

2.2 For bookings to the value of $600 and below the deposit shall be no less than 50% of the full booking charge.

2.3 For bookings to the value of $601 and above the deposit shall be no less than 25% of the full booking charge.

2.4 Deposits are strictly non-refundable if a booking is cancelled.

2.5 Any booking/inquiry/quotation being made for a date not less than 30 days in the future can be given ‘first right of refusal’* status for a period of 14 days from the date of initial inquiry and quotation for a one-off charge of $100. This fee will be credited towards any booking made in conjunction with the initial quotation to which this status applies. This fee is strictly non-refundable if the client chooses not to go ahead with the associated booking/inquiry/quotation.

*’First Right of Refusal’ gives any client to whom a quotation/booking/inquiry is given a guaranteed opportunity to secure or forfeit any requested time slot in the instance for which a second client requests a booking in same, but where the first client has not paid any deposit due for the purpose of securing their booking.

2.6 With exception to the statement in paragraph 2.5, no booking time slot can be reserved, held or otherwise guaranteed before any deposit due to CCC is received.

2.7 All bookings must be paid for in full no less than 7 (seven) days prior to the date of travel, unless advised otherwise in writing by CCC.

2.8 Bookings cannot be altered to be lower in cost than initial booking value after payment of a booking deposit, unless advised otherwise by CCC in writing. Changes to a booking cost after receipt of a depositcan be made solely at the discretion of CCC.

2.9 Where advised, a bond will be payable to CCC prior to journey departure. This bond will be held by CCC until completion of the charter and assessment of the vehicle cleanliness and condition. CCC reserves the right to keep bond payments if any of the following occurs on board any CCC vehicle:

a) Any damage, including external, internal, structural, superficial, paint, interior trim, glass, electrical, appliance or any other damage, caused, instigated or effected by any member of the group being transported or their associates.

b) Any vomiting on board

c) Excessive soiling by way of the spilling of food and/or drink (as assessed by CCC and appointed staff)

d) Any mechanical or external damage, including broken glass, caused to any CCC vehicle due to inaccurate or incomplete description of any private access road, track, driveway or similar on which any CCC vehicle has been requested to travel.

3. Terms of Service

3.1 CCC vehicles can cause damage to driveways, paths, underground pipework, tree branches and foliage, grass and other surfaces. Whilst all care is taken CCC does not accept any responsibility for damage caused by CCC vehicles being positioned in or accessing any client requested location.

3.2 CCC does not accept any responsibility for damage/s caused to any mobile phone, hard drive, thumb drive or other electronic device connected to or being charged by any system on board any CCC vehicle or at any third-party premises.

3.3 CCC does not accept any responsibility for any premises, services or facilities provided by any third-party and utilised by a CCC client or associate in conjunction with any booking/charter/journey made with CCC.

3.4 CCC reserves to right to refuse travel to any individual or group/s deemed to be intoxicated or behaving in an anti-social or disrespectful manner. Travel with CCC is at the sole discretion of CCC and CCC staff.

3.5 CCC reserves the right to terminate any journey/charter/booking at any time without notice and without the payment of any refund to the client. Any such cancelation shall also result in the loss of a client’s bond.

3.6 All passengers, clients, guests and associates must follow any lawful direction given by CCC staff, or representatives/staff of any third-party premises visited in conjunction with any CCC journey, whilst participating in any activity or journey being operated by CCC or any third party appointed by same. CCC and any CCC appointed third party reserves the right to terminate service and/or eject from vehicle or premises any passenger, client, guest or associate who does not follow said lawful direction.

3.7 CCC reserves the right to confiscate and dispose of any BYO beverages brought aboard any CCC vehicle.



4. Acceptance for supply of services from CCC

4.1    Any instructions received by CCC from the client for the supply of services and/or the client’s acceptance of services supplied by CCC shall constitute acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in this document.

4.2    Upon acceptance of these terms and conditions by the client the terms and conditions are binding and can only be amended with the written consent of CCC.

4.3    Services are supplied by CCC only on the terms and conditions of trade in this document. No variations to these terms and conditions may be made by the client.

5. Privacy Statement

5.1  CCC will not pass on any client’s personal information (including but not limited to contact information, address, or payment information) to any third party unless authorised to do so be a CCC client.

5.2  CCC does not hold any credit/debit card details after a payment has been processed, unless prior arrangements to do so have been made with the client.

5.3  CCC holds all rights to any images taken by CCC staff or appointed representatives over the course of any CCC journey or tour. CCC reserves the right to restrict the use of any images taken by any client, clients representative, or clients associate, in conjunction with any journey, tour or service provided by CCC or its affiliates.